Narroways Hill (The Mound) is closed on Bonfire Night 5th November 2022

Narroways (The Mound) will be closed for firework season this year after over 1000 (police estimate) people were up there last Guy Fawkes and left a huge amount of rubbish. We had reports from people that it became quite chaotic later on, with fireworks let off into crowds.

It is a shame for small family gatherings but the nature reserve gets abused by large groups of people, many arriving from some distance away, swelling the numbers. We have a duty of care to reduce the risk (the recent event in Seoul where many young people died in a crush reminds us of what can happen when things go wrong). The combination of a steep sided hill, in darkness, with fireworks and fires and a huge number of mainly young people, many of whom may be drunk or have taken drugs, is too great a risk.

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