Bonfire night parties – the cleanup

Generally, our decision to close the site and raise awareness of the problems of damage and litter caused by large fireworks parties was a qualified success.

While parties still occurred on both nights, they were smaller in numbers of attendees than in previous years, and some at least of those who attended made efforts to clear up afterwards.

Many thanks go in particular to trustees Naomi, Jerome and Kathryn for organising the banners announcing the closure of the site, locking and unlocking the gates, and talking to partygoers to explain the reasons for the closure. A job well done!

Thanks are also due to all the volunteers who turned out on Sunday and Monday to clean up the remaining mess – a good job well done.

Photos below of the cleanup efforts on Monday. As you can see, despite the relative success of the closure, there was still quite a lot of trampling damage to the grassland, and a significant amount of rubbish left to clear up.

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