Minutes of meeting, 25 November 2013

Here are the minutes of the meeting held on 25 November at the Miners Arms:

NMGT minutes 25th Nov 2013

We also received some comments on the minutes from another member, who wasn’t present at the meeting:

I was interested to see that Chris and Simone are proposing to build on Jan and Simon’s garden. Although I believe that they are committed environmentalists, it has to be noted that they have two cats. The increase of cat ownership in this neighbourhood has been a subject of much anguished discussion on the yard. Especially as our constitution says that we will not have cats. Unfortunately there is no way to enforce this. There have been several new, aggressive cats moving into the neighbourhood (the yard, Mina Rd and BWL [Boiling Wells Lane – Ed.)) and this has had a disastrous effect on the birds in our gardens and on Narroways. I don’t know how to combat this, but maybe some information through doors on the decline of songbirds and the contribution of cats to this decline might help? 

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