News archive: December 2000

Narroways Millennium Green Trust meetings are held once a month in the St Werburghs area -The next meeting is at 8.00 p.m. on Tuesday 23rd January 2001 at The Miners Arms on Mina Rd., St Werburghs. All are welcome.

Wildlife Observations

Amazing range of wildlife observations recently. A Common Lizard was seen by the ‘railway sleeper wall’ in October. A Pheasant was seen in the allotments by the Ashley Hill path near the entrance to Narroways in late November. There was a Kingfisher by the stream and pond near the Gnomehouse on Boiling Wells Lane, Goldcrests in a Berberis bush in the garden there and a Green Woodpecker in one of the trees. A flock of 6 or 8 Long-Tailed-Tits were in a mature Ash tree in the corner of the former SGB scaffolding yard. A Grey Squirrel was seen on the footpath near the community allotment at Ashley Hill. A Sparrowhawk flew from an Ash tree above the railway tunnel over Mina Road around 1.00 on 28th December 2000, a cold sunny day with snow on the ground. There were Greenfinches high in some trees near the back lane up to Narroways on the same day. Field Scabious was still flowering on Narroways until early December.

There is still a chance to take part in a survey being done of garden birds in Bristol – phone 0117 9268018 or log onto Avon Wildlife Trust .

Now the lease for Narroways Millennium Green has been finalised we can now get on with planning information boards and the limited site improvements proposed.

Ashley Vale Action Group (AVAG) has now secured the SGB site next to Narroways Hill for their self-build housing project. NMGT welcomes AVAG as the developer of the site.

Narroways hill is used occasionally by other groups but the trustees should be contacted (via St Werburghs City Farm or our email address) for any organised group activities (beyond the usual dog walking, blackberrying, picnicing, sledging, didgeridoo playing sort of stuff) The main reason is to preserve the wild environment and protect the wildlife there.

The tree and shrub planting we are planning this winter ( in clumps near the security fence alongside the main railway line involving native trees like Rowan, Wild Service Tree, Hawthorn, Spindle, Wayfaring Tree and Field Maple )will probably take place on the weekend of 17th/18th February 2001. We hope to have help from another volunteer organisation.

Proper winter weather arrived on the hill on the 27th December. People were out sledging and enjoying the snow while it lasted.

winter scenes on Narroways Hill

Continued thanks to Sweet, Hemmings, The Millennium Commission and The Countryside Agency for funding for site improvements.

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