News archive: November 2000

Narroways Millennium Green Trust meetings are held once a month in the St Werburghs area -The next meeting is at 8.00 p.m. on Tuesday 5th December 2000 back at The Miners Arms on Mina Rd., St Werburghs. All are welcome.

Wildlife Observations

Despite the torrential rains of recent weeks the autumn colouring in some of the trees around Narroways is looking good, especially the Field Maples, and there are berries on the Guelder Rose, Wild Service Tree and Spindle amongst others. We have been recording leaf colour in a survey organised by The Woodland Trust which aims to link climate change with natural events and when they occur. Jays have been heard again screeching in the Sycamore by Church gardens. Something has been digging in the embankment by Simon’s Grove – probably a badger. (stop press 20.11.2000 confirmed wildlife sighting: 2 weeks ago a self builder walking up the path from the City Farm to Ashley Hill bumped into the ‘biggest’ badger he had ever seen. It was by the kissing gate and disappeared into Narroways. This was at midnight.) There were bullfinches in the lane by Boiling Wells Lane.There is also a survey being done of garden birds in Bristol – to take part phone 0117 9268018 or log onto Avon Wildlife Trust .

Spindle berries are an amazing combination of pink and orange

Believe it or not the lease for Narroways Millennium Green has only just been finalised after negotiations with St Werburghs City Farm and Bristol City Council but the land is at last ours and protected for 999 years (unless the government finds oil underneath!)

The SGB site next to Narroways Hill is lying empty but NMGT have started to discuss their views if Ashley Vale Action Group were to take on the old SGB scaffolding yard for their self -build housing project and its possible impact on the local environment. We talked about the possible extra pressure on the land due to numbers of people and pets using it .We talked about the trees and shrubs on both sides of the fence between narroways and SGB site. NMGT still welcomes AVAG as the developer of the site and looks forward to reaching an amicable arrangement.

Narroways hill is used occasionally by other groups but the trustees should be contacted (via St Werburghs City Farm or our email address) for any organised group activities (beyond the usual dog walking, blackberrying, picnicing, didgeridoo playing sort of stuff) The main reason is to preserve the wild environment and protect the wildlife there.

Cabot School in Bristol and a school in Gloucestershire visited Narroways on Weds 15 November. It’s part of WWF/Oxfam’s On the line Project where people in the UK are making links with people in Africa finding out about the environment and each other and then linking with a similar project in Ghana.

On the line Project in Bristol Evening Post

We are planning to do some tree and shrub planting this winter in clumps near the security fence alongside the main railway line to block out the fence and add to the diversity of the habitat. It will involve native trees like Rowan, Wild Service Tree, Hawthorn, Spindle, Wayfaring Tree and Field Maple. A Mulberry will be planted in the orchard next year.

Testing the ground for hedge planting.

Continued thanks to Sweet, Hemmings, The Millennium Commission and The Countryside Agency for funding for site improvements.

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