News archive: May 2000

Narroways Millennium Green Trust meetings are held once a month in the St Werburghs area -The next meeting is at 8.00 p.m. on Tuesday 13th June 2000 at The Old Fox pub in Baptist Mills. All are welcome.

The fruit tree planting and media launch went very well – see above. We have had just about enough rain recently to keep the trees watered.

Bristol Folk House on Park Street are running a one day course on ‘Urban Wildlife’ on Saturday 1st July – looks interesting. By the way I recommend Richard Mabey’s book ‘The Unofficial Countryside’ if you are interested in this sort of thing.

Wildlife Observations– The recent dry spell has brought out more butterflies – a Brimstone and Orange Tips were seen on 14th May over allotments and Peacocks and Red Admiral have been seen recently. There are large swathes of nettle beds locally which provide food for many species. A pair of Blackbirds successfully raised young in our back garden hedge near the Church Field and Bullfinches and Chiffchaff have been noted by the path at the Ashley Hill end of Narroways. There have been Toads in the Church Gardens and a Heron has taken to lurking near the pond there, no doubt eyeing the Frogs and the odd fish that seems to end up there. There are lots of Slow-Worms about again – a dozen were seen under a log near Narroways Junction and they often turn up in the nearby allotments.Grey Squirrels have been seen recently near the former scaffolding yard.

The Environment Walk from Royate Hill to Narroways Hill took place on Sunday 7th May 2000 in association with Living Easton It was a fantastic day out in the green inner city and 40 or so people enjoyed the May sunshine. See the report.

We cut back the spreading brambles on the Church Field to allow a plant called The Corky-Fruited Water Dropwort to grow.

The nearby Ashley Vale Action Group are a self build housing comunity group committed to making the best use of the former SGB scaffolding yard next to Narroways Hill. They are rapidly sorting out self-builders and financing to make their eco-friendly housing a reality. Anyone interested contact them through their web site.

We are planning a late summer hay cutting – probably using a powerful strimmer instead of scythes. Details are still being worked out but it will probably be over weekends of 22nd/23rd July, 29th/30th July, and 5th/6th August. We are thinking of some sort of picnic with cider deal. Watch this space.

Although it doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem at present we have in the past had to deal with problems of erosion, noise and burnt out motor bikes on the site as a result of improvised motorbike scrambling on the hill. We are working closely with the local community police to resolve this problem.

We have Sweet, Hemmings, The Millennium Commission and The Countryside Agency to thank for funding for site improvements.

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