News archive: April 2000

Narroways Millennium Green Trust meetings are held once a month in St Werburghs – usually in the Miners Arms pub on Mina Road or at St Werburghs City Farm. Having said that the next meeting is at 8.00 p.m. on Tuesday 16th May 2000 at The Old Fox pub down by the old M32. All are welcome.

The fruit trees we planted on 17th March to preserve and extend the old orchard that was there will need caring for over the next couple of years.They will need watering in dry spells and brambles must be kept back (about as easy as controlling Triffids!) We have given people the individual responsibility for looking after ‘their’ tree to give them a better chance.The varieties are Wild Pear, Greengage, Victoria Plum (that’s mine!) Wild Crab Apple, Quince- Champion, Apple- Ashmans Kernel, Apple- James Grieve, Apple- Bramley and Conference.

We are continuing to work withLandmark to design information boards and signs for Narroways and with Viz-Arts & People to design a panoramic viewpoint on top. Sadly Viz have lost their core funding and Bristol Comunity Groups will lose access to their dynamic creativity in the future. We have Sweet, Hemmings, The Millennium Commission and The Countryside Agency to thank for funding for site improvements.

Bristol Folk House on Park Street are running a one day course on ‘Urban Wildlife’ on Saturday 1st July – looks interesting.

Wildlife Observations- Already butterflies have been seen up on the hill – red admirals, peacocks, commas, and that harbinger of Spring, the brimstone. Song thrushes and blackbirds are attempting to nest in back gardens of St Werburghs Park and a pair of grey wagtails were seen again – by the stream near the old gas lamp and goldcrests in a fir tree on Narroways. A kestrel was hovering over the allotments and a pair of sparrowhawks may have been seen near high up above the tunnel. I saw my first slow worm of the year last week under some carpet covering part of our allotment. A dead field vole was found recently by the track on Narroways and a couple of rabbits were seen on 13th April in the orchard.

The probationary group, LIASE, have been doing a good job clearing away remnants of the old chainlink fence that once surrounded Narroways. They have also cut back Ash trees where they were encroaching on the path.

We are taking part in an Environment Walk from Royate Hill to Narroways Hill on Sunday 7th May 2000 in association with Living Easton It will take in Royate Hill, Rosemary Green,The River Frome,Mina Rd.Park and other open spaces and include guided talks about the natural history of the areas. Meet at The Queens Head pub on the corner of Fishponds Rd. and Royate Hill at 11.00. All are welcome.

We will be cutting back scrub on the Church Field to stop the vegetation becoming too dense – this is where the corky-fruited water dropwort grows, possibly our rarest plant. If anyone wants to find out more about it here are a few links.

Nice picture of our famous plant.

A little background info.

The Australians think its a pest!

Some related species.

STOP PRESS………Ashley Vale Action Grouphave just launched their web site. They are a self build housing comunity group committed to making the best use of the former SGB scaffolding yard next to Narroways Hill. Anyone interested contact them through their web site.

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