Narroways AGM is on Monday 28th March at 7.30pm (by zoom)

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NARROWAYS is CLOSED overnight on New Years Eve

Insightful article in Bristol Cable on the damage large overnight parties is doing to St Werburghs only nature reserve. Trustees of Narroways are pleading with people not to go onto Narroways (the mound) on New Years Eve. Gates will be locked and there will be signs all round the site. Please share widely on social media. Narroways group can not cope with another huge party like the one on 5th November.

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Volunteer day cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions

Unfortunately we will be unable to have an official Narroways volunteer day on Saturday 10th April 2021 because Covid-19 regulations still do not allow it. We are very hopeful about May onwards though.

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Narroways AGM will be by Zoom this year (of course)

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Narroways work days 2021

Volunteer Work Days on Narroways to resume in April

We all wish for life to be as different as it could possibly be from last year but on Narroways it’s a mixed picture. The pandemic has encouraged so many more people to get out and about and this unique green intercity space has been even more appreciated and but much more heavily used. So many more people are concerned and interested in Narroways now. Our Facebook group membership has shot up to 700 and rising and turn-outs at the monthly volunteer work mornings have been bigger than they have ever been.

So if you haven’t before, do think of coming out on a Saturday morning to join us. There is a variety of work to do from litter picking to scrub clearing and there are opportunities to chat, keep healthy and widen your social circle too.

The dates will be:

Sat April 10th

Sun May 9th

Sat June 5th

Sat July 10th

Sun August 8th

Sat Sep 4th

Sat Oct 9th

Sat Nov 6th

and Sat Dec 11th

On each occasion we will meet on the top of the hill by the bench at 10.30 am. Bring secateurs and gardening gloves if you have them

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Donations are very welcome

We keep our costs to the minimum at Narroways Trust – no paid staff, or unnecessary expense. But, we do need to pay annual insurance, repair fences, buy occasional tools, put in site improvements. Any money you feel able to donate will go directly towards the upkeep of Narroways as a place for nature and a breathing space for local people.

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Volunteer workdays for the rest of 2020

Dear friends of Narroways,

we hope you’ve been keeping safe & well in these strange times and that you’ve also been able to benefit from all that Narroways offers – whether it’s a green space to exercise, moments of peace & reflection, a connection with nature or simply general wellbeing.

We’d also like to thank all the people who took the initiative during their walks on Narroways to litter-pick and clear up as best they can over the lock-down period. All these small acts are what makes our community and helps keep nature thriving in this little haven in the inner city.

Now that the coronavirus restrictions have partially eased we can resume our volunteer workdays – though with a few necessary operational tweaks.

Our first volunteer workday back is on Saturday 11 July.

Meet as usual at 10:30 am by the bench at the top of Narroways Hill.

Our main tasks will be cutting back vegetation especially where it is growing over paths, and tacking the everlasting pea to keep it under control, as well as the usual litter-pick.

We will be complying with current social-distancing rules by keeping to groups of no more than 6, while still keeping to 2 metres apart individually.

Importantly: please bring your own tools, particularly secateurs and gloves.

Also, here are the dates of the volunteer workdays for the rest of the year:

Saturday 8 August,

*Sunday* 6 September,

Saturday 10 October,

Saturday 7 November,

Saturday 12 December.

Look forward to seeing you next Saturday,

Kathryn, Jon, Tej, and the Narroways trustees.volunteers

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Statement by Narroways trustees

Black Lives Matter statement

‘In light of the recent protests and events round the world, linked to the Black Lives Matter Movement, the trustees of Narroways want to make the following statement.

We wish to reaffirm that this beautiful and semi-wild place in Bristol’s inner city, managed by volunteers as a haven for wildlife, is a place to be enjoyed, safely and responsibly, by everyone from this area.’

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Narroways poll

thumbnailHi – thought we’d try something new. After the past few months of Covid19 restrictions there has been quite an impact on Narroways. Mostly people have been responsibly enjoying the open space and wildlife, maybe having a couple of drinks or a smoke and a chat. At times we’ve had problems – at least two violent incidents, fires in different locations and a huge gathering of up to 200 people on the warm night of Saturday 30th May.

We are going to work with Bristol City Council and Avon & Somerset Police to put in some improvements to enable Narroways to remain a good and safe place for wildlife and local people to have a breathing space. These are some of the options below.

Please go to the Facebook link below and tick any/all that you agree with.

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Narroways during the Coronavirus restrictions

Dear all

It’s great to see that so many people are enjoying using Narroways for some breathing space, relaxation and watching the flora and fauna of Spring tentatively emerge. The Covid-19 pandemic is creating a lot of collective anxiety but also giving birth to a renewed sense of community and mutual support, of which spending sometime up on the site with our neighbours (at an appropriate distance) plays a small part.

As we are no longer able to run volunteer days while social distancing is in place, we’d like to ask those of you that visit Narroways to consider helping out a little to keep the place in good health and encourage others to do so. There are always scraps of litter and, for those of you with stronger stomachs, bags of dog poo, to clear up, so if you feel like bringing a bag and a pair of gloves next time you come up you’d not only warm our cockles but also might inspire someone else to do the same.

We are always eager to hear peoples views about Narroways and welcome ideas for ways we can enhance the site for wildlife and people that visit. Do get in touch.

Wishing you peace and health in these unsettling times
The Narroways Trustees156511_485543343280_783133280_5484858_1948220_n

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